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FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD! Get 20 monthly issues of Coastal Living at a savings of 83% off the cover stand price of $120. Order for yourself or as a gift! Your print subscription will automatically start within 6-8 weeks.

Savings of 83% off the cover stand price of $120
Students receive one (1) prize credit for every item purchased through our fundraising catalogs and These credits are totaled at fundraiser end to determine the students' prize level.

Students can earn up to 11 prizes plus 3 bonus prizes offered during the fundraiser. We believe in providing "reachable" levels with high quality prizes. When students set goals and reach them, they learn and gain self-confidence through rewards. allows students to "prize calculate" their progress for purchases made on their behalf while all purchase details are 128-bit encrypted and remain private.

Every item you purchase rewards schools and students alike plus you get something for your support. It's a win-win-win. We thank you for your commitment to students, schools & education!

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